108+ Things All Girls Must Have for a Ragnar Trail Run

This October’s Ragnar Trail in Hill Country will be my 3rd Ragnar race, and my team’s 6th Ragnar Trail Race. Over the course of races (see what I did there), we’ve learned a thing or two about setting up the ultimate Ragnar Camp for girls and about what to bring (and what not to bring) to a Ragnar Trail Race. If you are anything like me, you need a list! So, I’ve listed and linked to the most important items below. As I think of new items / get additional experience I will update the list. But for now, there are over 108 items that come to mind to make your next Ragnar Trail Race successful and FUN!

Before we get to what to bring, let’s talk for a second about what not to bring:

What NOT to bring to a Ragnar Trail Run

  • A Crummy Attitude – trail running is FUN! Remember, you paid money to be here with this awesome group of runners. Support them when they cry (it happens), and stay positive. There’s nothing worse than a sour teammate. You will all get tired, and this doesn’t always bring out the best in ourselves. Be gracious and kind to your teammates.
  • Too Much Food – every.single. time. we’ve ended up with 25 bags of chips and 72 boxes of something or rather, when all we really needed were bananas and Nutella. Designate a team member to bring the contents for each meal, and then coordinate the extras (ketchup, salsa, etc) so you don’t end up with 72 boxes of something or rather and no bananas!
  • Work / Extra Electronics / Activities – I have packed everything from games to an iPad. It always goes unused. The downtime is best spent listening to music and chatting with friends, or napping. There is no need for activities when you have an awesome group of runners to hang out with!
  • More than 4 – 5 Outfits – I am a hoarder over-packer and I have shown up with a duffel bag AND a backpack full of… clothes. Don’t be me. You do not need a prom dress at Ragnar. 🙂 You do need 1-2 post-run outfits (including your team outfit) and 3 running outfits and an extra pair of running shoes. Check the weather ahead of time and bring a rain jacket and/or hoodie if the weather dictates.

Ragnar Trail | Camp Lights | Twinkle Lights

Without further ado, here’s our list of what you should bring to your next Ragnar Trail Run.

Ragnar Trail – Camp Basics:

Camp Basics Personal Item Team Item
Chair x
Sunscreen x
Baby Wipes / Shower Pills x
Flashlight x
Phone Charging Cable x
Solar Charger x
Bug spray x
First Aid Kit – some basics include:
– Bandaids
– Instant Ice Pack
– Athletic Tape
– Neosporin
– Tweezers
– EmergenC
– Advil
– Tylenol
– Zyrtec
Rapid Rehydrate
-Duct Tape
Sharpie / Zip Lock Bags x
Lantern x
Bluetooth Speaker x
Solar Lights / Battery Operated Twinkle Lights x
Pop-up Tent (for shade) x
Tarp (for camp area / recovery area) x
Bonus 1: Pole & Team Flag x
Bonus 2: Pop-Up Changing Tent x
Bonus 3: Race Time(s) Display Board x
Bonus 4: Team Tee Shirt / Post-Run Outfit x x
Bonus 5: Hammocks (if you know there’s space to hang them. x x


Camp Sleeping Essentials:

Camp Sleeping Personal Item Team Item
Sleeping Pad / Camp Cot x
Sleeping Bag x
Sleeping Bag Liner (for keeping your sleeping bag from being nasty) x
Pillow x
Sleepy-Eyes AKA Eye Mask x
Ear Plugs
Small Plastic Drawer Set (for organizing gear in the tent) x
Hand-Held Tent Broom x (one per tent)
Tent (s) & Tent Footprint or Tarp x
Light-Up Tent Stakes x


Ragnar Camp Kitchen

Camp Kitchen Personal Item Team Item
Paper Towels x
Water Dispenser (to wash, drink, etc) x
Cooler (with ice) for food x
Aluminum Foil x
Paper Plates** x
Plastic Cups** x
Plasticware** x
Kitchen Table x
Camp Kitchen – Stove x
Camp Kitchen – Fuel for Stove x
Camp Kitchen – Lighter x
Sauce Pan / Frying Pan x
Dish Soap x
Garbage Bags x
Hand Sanitizer x
Folding Table x
Knife x
Coffee – French Press x
Cup for Hot Liquid x
Cup for Cold Liquid x

** To be a bit more green, you can opt to have your team each bring their own camp plate & utensil set, just make sure you have a method to wash such items after meals.

Running Necessities

Running Necessities Personal Item Team Item
3 Running Outfits:**
– Socks
– Shorts / Leggings
– Tank / Long-Sleeve
– Sports Bra
Headlamp / Knuckle Lights x
Hand-Held Water Bottle or Hydration Pack x
2 Pairs of Running Shoes*** x
Slides / Flip Flops for Post-Run x
Compression Socks for Post-Run x
Running Watch x
Hat / Visor / Headband*** x
Sunglasses x
Gloves (if cold) x
Bonus: LED Light Up Shoe Laces x

** Tip: Pack your clothes in gallon baggies, then post-run put them back in the baggies and ZIP them up! No one wants to smell that for 2 days!

*** Tip: I always bring more than one pair of shoes and swap for the 2nd leg of the race. I do not like to put on sweaty shoes!

**** Tip: Braid your hair if its long. Those post-run tangles are insane!

Toiletries for Running / Camping

Toiletries Personal Item Team Item
Hairties x
Deodorant x
Hairbrush / Comb x
Shower Pills/Baby Wipes x
Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner (use shampoo as body wash) x
Face Wipes x
Toothbrush and Toothpaste x
Body Glide x
Blister Block x
Contacts / Glasses and Case x
Lipbalm x
Ibuprofen x
Nuun x
Towel x
Toilet Paper / Tampons / Pads etc. x


Post-Run Recovery / Hanging Out at Camp

Post-Run / Hanging Out / Recovery Personal Item Team Item
Non-Sweaty Clothes:
– Hoodie
– Shorts
– Compression Socks
– Sports Bra
– Yoga Pants
KT Tape** x
Massage Stick** x
Lacrosse Ball**
Yoga Mat** x
BioFreeze** x
Magazines x
Kick-Ass Playlist x

** Tip: Make a “recovery zone” in your campsite if possible & place recovery items in a basket for all to use.


Ragnar Trail: Night Running

Ready for More?

Want to look like the team bad-ass and create your team’s list? Make a copy of my fully editable google doc version of the list above. The google doc also includes a bonus menu and meal list! Get the editable Ragnar Trail Packing list here.

Must Haves for Your Next Ragnar Trail Run

Your turn – did I miss anything? Anything that we need to add to our master list? Hit me up in the comments below!

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