Staying Safe on the Trail (& Beyond)

Women's Trail Running Safety Tips

There are several keys to running safely. Many of the women I talk to are more nervous about trail running than running through their neighborhood, so they dismiss the idea of even giving trail running a try. Big mistake! Running trails is so rewarding, and can have injury prevention benefits too – see my post here on why you need to try trail running if you’re looking for some trail running motivation. I hate the idea of women putting aside the idea of something they love for fear for their own safety, so here are some no-nonsense ways to stay safe on your next trail run:

Pre-Run Safety Checklist

Before you even head out the door, you need to follow some basic guidelines:

  1. Charge your phone/watch etc. While I highly discourage running with headphones, many of us run with our phones or a GPS watch. If available, take advantage of the live runner features (see Strava, for example).
  2. Tell someone where you are going – the park and the trailhead. If you deviate from the plan, let them know.
  3. Tell that same somewhen exactly when you expect to return. If you deviate from the plan, let them know.
  4. Plan ahead and know your trail and your exit / safe spots.
  5. Leash your dog. No, really, dogs are the very best running buddies.

During Your Run

Stay Alert!! I can’t add enough exclamation points to this one. Ditch the headphones and the distractions – its better for de-stressing and connecting with your run anyway. Keep your ears open for people, dogs, etc. and keep your eyes open to enjoy the scenery and watch out for roots. 😉

Tools for Self-Defense

Take a self-defense class like Krav Maga and purchase a self-defense tool you can be comfortable with. Once you have learned how to use your tool of choice, make sure you carry it – for every run. A few tool options to choose from:

  • Pepper Spray – This pepper spray option is a good one since it has the little velcro handle – keeping it out and available at all times.
  • Pocket Knife – Look for one that opens out the front (OTF) with a single button push, like this one on Amazon.
  • Whistle – A hiker’s bear whistle works well and can be attached to your water bottle for easy access.

What tips and tricks do you have in your self-defense tool kit? Tell me your ideas for staying safe on the trail in the comments below…

Ladies, run safely on your next trail run with these practical tips.
Ladies, run safely on your next trail run with these practical tips.
Ladies, run safely on your next trail run with these practical tips.

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